Vendor Management
Grade your vendors' performances so you can determine who your best partners are. 

Get precise data to make the right decisions on your suppliers.
Get valuable insight into your product suppliers
Retail Pro's powerful point of sale is your gateway to advanced retail functions built for the modern retailer.  

Get receipt screens that are simple to use while providing powerful control over sales transactions.

Make your checkout process quick and easy for your customers while effortlessly capturing comprehensive details on every sale.
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Vendor management built for specialty retail

Independent retail stores now have the power to compete and win against Big Box retail stores using advanced features and serious power. 

Extract as much information as possible from each transaction while creating a personalized customer experience inside your store that keeps customers coming back. 

Manage all of your inventory replenishment process to maximize your investment using dominant planning tools. Manage your employees with valuable sales reporting, time clock, and sales target tools. 

Most of all, get the best customer management tools available with Retail Pro, the most advanced retail technology ecosystem ever built.


Full Vendor Control

Get valuable statistics for each of your vendors based on their performance and history.

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Manage your vendors completely
Take the guesswork out of seeing how your vendors are performing. 

Use valuable metrics calculated by Retail Pro to negotiate rates, special pricing, fees, or closeout items. 

Control employee access to selected vendor features within permission settings. 

Use notes fields to capture vendor details, discounts for purchasing in certain quantities and payment terms.
Rate your vendors on their performance
Perform a Sold/Received/On Order (SRO) analysis at any time to update sold, received, and order totals for a vendor.

A vendor's lead time determines how long it takes for that vendor to supply you with the inventory items in your store. The default lead time can be edited on individual documents, and you can see reports that show actual time it takes from ordering to fulfillment for each of your suppliers.

Use Retail Pro to help make better business decisions, especially for multi-vendor items.
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Score Your Vendors

Analyze vendor performance to determine which vendors to buy from, when to buy, how much to buy, and total delivery lead times needed for an endless aisle in your business.

Calculate Actual Costs

Capture order costs for items with multiple vendors, giving you a holistic view of the money you are spending on your inventory from each vendor.

Fulfillment Efficiency

Capture overall fulfillment percentage at the vendor level to determine how efficient and reliable your vendors are.

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