Retail Pro Planning
Retail stores with the highest profit and return use Retail Pro Planning tools. 

Put more cash in your bank.

Spend less money to make more sales by using an Open To Buy plan with Retail Pro.

Open To Buy

  • Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

    Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway
  • You cannot improve what you do not measure.

    Lord William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin
  • Inventory is neither wine nor doesn't get better with age.

    Dan Jablons,
The Secret to Retail is Detail

Retail Pro Planning is a high tech/high touch approach to planning your merchandise replenishment.

Our Open-To-Buy tools are the most sophisticated method to get the correct balance of merchandise replenishment. The process yields a cash flow plan that rivals any that larger retail chains use.   

Retail Pro Planning customers routinely see 3-15x ROI by instituting these built-in features with Retail Pro with a 19% increase in sales and an 11% decrease in inventory overhead.

Forecast your sales year over year at a 94% accuracy for maximum ROI.




Open To Buy Plan

Operate your stores more efficiently with an OTB plan like this example. Based on your store performance, this plan gives you the information you need to be more profitable.

Get Better at Retailing
We proudly partner with Retail Smart Guys to bring you the most complete retail expertise possible.
Even a 1% difference between what you’ve stocked and what your customers want can mean thousands of dollars of lost profit for a single class of merchandise. 

Multiply that by all your classes, at all your locations, and you may be leaving serious money on the table.
Increase Sales
Decrease inventory
Sales Forecast Accuracy
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Retail Smart Guys works with retailers to provide the analytical part of successful retailing using tools built-in to Retail Pro for seamless operations.

We take your data and turn it into the information to make better purchasing decisions, ensure a more positive cash flow and generate more profit. 

Benefits of Open To Buy

How can an Open To Buy budget help your company?

Take your business further

Increase your margins, take advantage of new opportunities, and turn more profit into cash. Optimize your markups and plan your promotions and markdowns effectively.

Determine what to buy, how much, and when

Answering these questions on instinct is like tiptoeing to the edge of a cliff. You have to take the leap if you want to stay in business, but is that a parachute strapped to your shoulders, or a backpack filled with past-due invoices?

Forecast your income

Retail Pro Planning is the most accurate sales forecasting and inventory planning tool for independent retailers. We average a 94% forecasting accuracy, giving you the ability to see into the future to balance your cashflow.

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Build a Merchandise Plan with Retail Pro Planning

Create an intelligent and detailed inventory plan using Retail Pro's built-in Open To Buy tools. 

More than just reporting, Retail Pro Planning gives you insight to compete with the Big Box retailers with accuracy and ease.

How do you currently plan your purchasing and inventory levels? 

Are you leaving money on your shelves by not accurately purchasing the most profitable inventory quantities?

Are you are maximizing sales while decreasing overhead?
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Do you own your business, or does it own you?

Inventory planning—sometimes called an "open to buy plan"—uses basic math to reveal how much inventory you need to meet demand.

The fundamentals are simple, but accurate planning requires accurate projections, and predicting the future is no simple thing.

Our customized inventory plans are 94% accurate year over year, giving you the ability to see into the future with your biggest investment:  YOUR INVENTORY.

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