Modern reports and metrics,

built for modern retail success

Make better decisions with Retail Pro Reports

See data and metrics from your store to make the best decisions for your bottom line from 200+ reports.

Retail Pro allows you to own your data forever, reporting historical data just as accurately as the sale that just left the store.

Extract as much information as possible from each transaction while creating a personalized customer experience inside your store to make better decisions with better data.

Data Access
Getting accurate data on your business is essential.  Seeing in-depth analysis is key.  Get superior reports with Retail Pro.

Retail Pro Reports provides unrivaled on-demand data reporting for retail stores.

Get the information you need about your business to make timely decisions.
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Amplify your business
Track accurate in-depth data from your business to create an Open To Buy plan using a modern approach to inventory replenishment. 

Rely on accurate measurements that show you the health of your business from all angles.
Advanced reports for immediate insight
Trust that changes in your business are met with immediate response. 

Get alerts when levels get too low or too high.  Send daily/weekly/monthly reports directly to your managers or sales staff. 

Distribute information where it needs to go throughout your company.
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Comprehensive reporting on your real-time data
Maximize your business with a 360-degree view. 
Select a category for additional information.

Core Functionality

200+ pre-defined reports

These are tried-and-true retail reports developed over a 30-year history of development by Retail Pro and CDS.  Search, filter,  and sort by an array of values across these essential retail reports. 

Advanced Features

Personalized dashboards

Get endless custom reporting potential with the ability to create personalized dashboards containing your favorite reports essential to optimal operation of your business. 

Visualize Success

Multi-dimensional visualization

Set your favorite reports to auto-run and auto-deliver to your dashboards or to email addresses in a variety of formats, including spreadsheets and visualized charts.  Graphs are interactive, allowing you to drill down within the graphics and affect search results, giving you the ability to change your perspective of your data at any time.

Universal Deployment

Run reports anywhere, anytime, from any device

Retail Pro Reports is included with every implementation with full-function role-based access control fully controled by your admin. Archive reports to leverage your sales history forever, but trust in real-time data presented like you were present for each transaction.

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Complete Security
Audit Reports

Audit reports display information regarding creation, deletion, and changes to employee access and security permissions.

Available Audit Reports

  • Employee Groups

  • Security Overrides

  • Security Audit Log

  • New User Accounts

  • User Logon Activity

List-style Reports

More than just a tally, Retail Pro List Reports about customers, departments, vendors, and employees in your database with the ability to filter by dates or by attribute so you can see every transaction with every single entity your company does business with.

Available List-Style Reports

  • Central Gift Cards List

  • Central Gift Card Transaction List

  • Central Gift Certificate List

  • Customer Loyalty Balance

  • Customer Loyalty Item Reward

  • Customer Loyalty Used

  • Address List

  • Postal Code Count

  • Store Credit and Last Sale Date

  • Departments

  • Employees

  • Employee Store Assignments

  • Employee Groups

  • Employee Permissions

  • Sublocations

  • Subsidiaries

  • Vendors

Confident Tracking
Journal Reports

Journals report info from history and order documents, such as Purchase Orders, Receiving Vouchers, Sales Receipts, or any other merchandise movement. These are important documents for you to track merchandise from order planning to delivery to customer.

Available Journal Reports

  • Filled vs Unfilled Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Orders with or without Item Details

  • Projected Cash Requirements for POs

  • Receiving Vouchers

  • Cancelled/Discarded Sales Receipts

  • Cash Drops

  • Sales Receipts

  • Sales Receipts for items with Serial Numbers

  • Reversed Receipts

  • Sales Order Deposits

  • Layaways

  • Past Due Layaways

  • Unfilled Sales Orders

  • Planned Transfer Orders

  • All Transfer Orders

  • Transfer Slips with mated Transfer Orders

Key Performance
Statistical Reports

A number of reports are available to display statistical information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyze the performance of items, styles, departments and vendors.

Available Statistic Reports

  • Sell Thru

  • Item Sales by Dept

  • Item Sales by Vendor

  • Item Turns vs On Order

  • Items by Dept

  • Vendor Statistics

  • Dept Statistics

  • Items by Vendor

Full Tracking
Summary Reports

A summary report can contain any information recorded on a document. The data for these reports can be drawn from multiple transactional or order documents, or inventory.

Available Summary Reports

  • Cost Changes

  • Markdowns by Dept

  • Price Changes

  • Quantity Changes

  • Balance by Customer

  • Totals by Sub/Store

  • Check in/Check out

  • Shift Report

  • On-Hand Summary

  • Price Levels

  • Inventory Totals

  • On-Hand by Date

  • Merchandise On Order

  • Purchase Order Status

  • Vendor Receiing Summary

  • Sales Targets

  • Associate Sales - Best Seller

  • Associate Performance

  • Associate Sales Summary

  • Cashier Performance

  • Top 100 Customer Best Sellers

  • Customer Sales

  • Day of the Week Sales

  • Dept Sales

  • Top 50 Dept Sales

  • Discounts

  • Hourly Summary

  • Item Summary

  • Monthly Summary

  • Price Points

  • Sales by Size

  • Best Sellers by Profit Margin

  • Store Sales

  • Top 25 Best Sellers by Units Sold

  • Sales by Style

  • Bottom 50 Worst Sellers

  • Sales by Vendor

  • Top 25 Sales by Vendor

  • Tender reconciliation

  • Vendor Sales vs Returns

  • Item Sales

  • Committed Merchandise

  • Fulfillment

  • Dept Transfers

  • Item Transfers

  • Vendor Transfers

  • Sales by Vendor

  • Top 25 Sales by Vendor

  • Tender reconciliation

  • Vendor Sales vs Returns

Build Your Own
Custom Reports

Build the reports you need on the fly when no other reports exist. Access any recorded data available in your database so you can see data you want in the format you need.

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