Powerful Point of Sale 
Get the POS software built for specialty retailers in mind. 

Open your store each day with true small business management power.
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Capture a happy customer with each transaction

Powerful features that are easy to use.

Capture valuable customer information about every single person who passes thru your store. 

Keep lost sales in the store with advanced sales order tools on the same receipt as returns or exchanges.

Reward your loyal customers to keep them coming back time after time, experiencing your store regularly.

Point Of Sale

Get introduced to the powerful yet flexible POS features in Retail Pro. We design these screens to be completely personizable for each store as the gateway to retail success.

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Not just a pretty face
Retail Pro is your gateway to advanced retail functions built for the modern retailer. 

Get receipt screens that are simple to use while providing powerful control over sales transactions.

Make your checkout process quick and easy for your customers while effortlessly capturing comprehensive details on every sale.
Personalize your customer experience
Take advantage of the most powerful tool available to retail stores.

Customize workflows to provide the user experience with a fully tailored user interface.

Returns, special order items, and receipt items are all in the same transaction, speeding up your checkout counter and avoiding long lines. 

Show details on your screens to catering to each and every customer effortlessly.
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Powerful Features for Full Control

Get advanced features directly from the receipts screens on-demand.

Access All Stores

See inventory levels at all your locations. Sell from their inventory via the 'Sell From' feature or the 'Send Sale' function so you capture every transaction. See inventory levels by location in an easy to read matrix for full enterprise visibility.

Choose Associates

Add multiple sales associates to a transaction to track activity, commissions, or accountability. Set activity levels based on percentages or equal credit, then report total credited levels in Retail Pro Reports.

Shipping & Fees

Assign fees associated with specific transactions for shipping, transit, etc. Gather shipping address from your customers directly from the receipt or the sales order. Save shipping information for customers for future use or for targeted marketing based on previous behavior.

Notes & Flags

Record unique notes for transactions to track marketing or 'where did you hear about us?' notes. Take demographic notes about your customers for directed marketing, or make notes about the weather or any other unique info about your sales.

Track Taxes

Select tax area for the receipt based on location. Choose tax exemptions for applicable line items or customers. Calculate complex tax breakouts or additional use taxes based on locale. Advanced tax management seamlessly integrates with Avalara Automated Tax plug-in.

Reason Codes

When performing certain actions at POS, including applying a discount and discarding a transaction, users may be required to select a Reason for the action. Track reasons and report details in Retail Pro Reports to keep staff accountable or to watch trends on transaction returns.

Use Customer Loyalty to boost sales
The best way to increase sales is to keep your loyal customers coming back.

Enroll your customers in your loyalty program directly at the transaction without effort. 

Attach customer history directly to their customer record. 

Want to see specific details about the client or to lookup loyalty points?  Within a touch, you can access the data you need without slowing down the checkout process.

Customer can redeem earned rewards simply at the receipt screen.  Retail Pro automatically prompts the cashier to use points or award gifts based on the level the customer. 
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Advanced Customer Loyalty
Want a more advanced loyalty program with communications like text/SMS, email, or social media broadcasting? 

Implement industry-leading tools AppCard or OptCulture to give you insight into your customers habits directly inside of Retail Pro. 

Market to the right customers at the right time to enhance your store performance. 

Choose customers based on purchase history or collected demographics such as birthday/spouse's birthday, size or style preference, or even trends in their purchasing behavior from your own departments or brands. 

Decide which options you want to record, and Retail Pro will give you the data to show you the best of each category.
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Markdowns Made Simple

Go beyond simple coupons or discounts with Retail Pro's vast array of promotion and discount types. Get more customers in the door with an advertised special to capture as many sales as possible. Reduce your markdowns by using accurate aging and Days of Supply reports to see which items need to be cleared out for better performing ones.

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Email & Gift Receipts
Save a tree and provide convenience to your customers with emailed receipts options directly on the transaction screen. 

Add email addresses to your database and send an e-receipts.

Design the layout of the receipt.  Add quick look-up barcodes for returns/exchanges, your return policy, loyalty points summary, or graphics to the receipts.

A simple option gives you the power to combine a typical printed receipt, an emailed receipt, and a gift receipt with the touch of a button.
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Go beyond simple cash register functions

Pro Fireworks is a Michigan-based chain of fireworks stores that uses Retail Pro for their business.  During their peak busy season, they implement mobile devices as "line busters". 

Handheld tablets look and feel just like their normal receipt screens at the cashwrap area, so no further training is necessary for their seasonal sales staff.

Read their story that describes how Retail Pro makes a difference in their business.



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