AppCard Loyalty
Create robust, personalized rewards programs on par with those offered by big-box competitors. 

Get advanced loyalty and marketing tools built for Retail Pro to stay in touch with your best customers at the right time.
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Customer retention programs powered by the industry’s smartest analytics

The next generation of customer analytics has finally arrived. AppCard is more than just a loyalty program. It's a robust and easy-to-manage customer retention platform that delivers actionable marketing campaigns tailored to your company and customers.

A smart customer loyalty program that conforms to you

Use a proven rewards program structure or design a custom program that makes the most sense for your business.

AppCard’s flexible, fully-automated platform enables you to create unique rewards programs and launch personalized marketing campaigns that run smoothly in the background, so you can focus on your business.

Automatically reward customers based on the items they've purchased
AppCard automatically rewards customers for qualifying item-level purchases.

Get SKU-level knowledge of the items your customers are buying and pair this information with customer identities.

Use AppCard with Retail Pro in your specialty retail store to identify your most valuable customers and deliver personalized marketing campaigns.
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Drive sales with a seamless customer loyalty program
AppCard is the easiest way to reward the customers that make your business successful–and keep them coming back. Loyalty & rewards programs are totally automated, so cashiers don't have to manually enter points and customers don't have to carry around a card.

Once rewards data is captured, AppCard’s advanced machine learning helps you compare customer identities based on SKU-level transactions, enabling you to offer tailored incentives that encourage specific behaviors and make your customers feel valued.

AppCard’s comprehensive customer loyalty program delivers highly targeted messages that yield measurable results, all from a single platform.

Powerful customer engagement solutions designed for your success

Use a proven rewards program structure or design a custom program that makes the most sense for your business.

Fully Automated

No more manually entering points. AppCard works with any POS to automatically add points and punches, based on items purchased.


Cloud-based technology enables you to capture data and manage rewards in real-time across your entire network.

3-Second Enrollment

Keep the lines at your registers moving. Easily register new customers and allow them to view their rewards during a regularly-paced transaction.

Multitender Loyalty

AppCard integrates directly with any Retail Pro so customers can earn points and punches on every transaction, regardless of payment method.

End-to-End Customer Engagement

Eliminate the need for outside email and SMS marketing accounts. Manage your entire cycle of customer marketing, analytics and communication with the AppCard platform.

No Downloads Required

Anyone can use AppCard. Your customers can begin receiving offers right away without downloading a rewards app.

Free Webinar

Life Cycle Marketing:  A Retailer's Hidden Potential

It’s no secret that retailers have been moving from mass media advertising to highly targeted, digital marketing strategies.

But how can you leverage technology to compete with big box stores and provide the same level of personalization and customer experience?

In this video, learn shopper marketing strategies that leverage:
֍  artificial intelligence
֍  product
֍  shopper data

to send the right offer, to the right shopper, at the right time.

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