Inventory Management
Merchandise is the engine that powers your entire retail operation.  Get full control of your inventory management with Retail Pro.
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Master the art of Inventory Management

Manage all of your inventory replenishment process to maximize your investment using dominant planning tools.

Retail Pro helps you manage your inventory replenishment down to a science using Auto Min/Max levels, use the intuitive Best Replenishment wizard, and see what you have on hand at all locations at all times.


Inventory control

Operate your stores more efficiently, enabling employees to capture more sales and creating a store that keeps customers coming back.

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Leave no stone unturned in your inventory
Retail Pro's powerful inventory management tools give modern retailers the ability to control every aspect of the inventory fulfillment process.

See advanced metrics and a depth of detail from your inventory to make the best decisions possible. 
Use Style View to see a matrix of your inventory
See your merchandise from a birdseye view at all times. 

Retail Pro gives you the ability to apply Scales to items with multiple attributes, such as color or size, and see how much of each you have in stock.

Need to track negative inventory?  Retail Pro can do that, too!
Maximize purchasing efficiency
Set your inventory levels at just the perfect range based on your store's performance using Retail Pro's Auto Min/Max Wizard. 

Determine which minimum levels you want to keep each item by SKU, department, vendor, style, or attribute. 

Create Purchase Orders to refill your stock to your auto-set maximum levels.

The Auto Min/Max Tool will ensure you are keeping enough stock in your store to meet customer demand while not overspending on inventory that will sit on your shelf long past its due date.
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Optimize inventory restocking
Create and send purchase orders to keep your inventory at the perfect levels and organize the data for easy access. 

Choose the stores where each inventory quantity is headed and drop ship directly to the location.
Dropship items to each location
Drop Ship POs ship merchandise directly to the stores where it will be sold.

Drop Ship PO to order merchandise for shipment to one store or to multiple stores, with subsequent distribution to the selling stores.

Use allocation patterns to plan the distribution of merchandise to multiple stores.
Receive shipments with Vouchers
Easily track when you receive each shipment into your inventory using Vouchers, transactional documents that record merchandise shipments from a vendor easily and accurately.

Transfer inventory items from site to site with ease and confidence

Retail Pro gives you all the tools you need to plan, execute, and verify transfers of merchandise between stores. Use transfer orders (TOs) to plan transfers to a single store or to multiple stores (allocating the merchandise among the target stores). Put your faith in the advanced tracking features of Retail Pro to send and receive inventory from location to location.

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Streamlined Operations

Design custom workflows that match your unique business processes, to foster consistency across your enterprise and minimize failure points.

Size/Attribute Scales

Decrease data input and simplify inventory view using inventory scales. Create a single style and define the attributes it comes in by color, size, or any other variable so you can see how many of each item across your grid you currently possess in your business.

Site Communications

Near real-time communication is accomplished through Retail Pro's publish and subscribe communication system, ensuring your retail systems are up-to-date with the right data as often as your business demands

Multiple Descriptions

Rely on accurate and detailed descriptions within your inventory across four separate item description lines. Don't sacrifice merchandise integrity due to lack of space.

Price Manager

Manage your inventory markup using Retail Pro's powerful Price Manager, giving you the freedom to hit the margins you need to guarantee max profitability without losing sales.

Plan Markdowns

Plan your sales and markdowns months in advance so that you can schedule promotions to get customers into your store and keep them shopping for more and more merchandise.

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The better your buying decisions are, the better your sales, market share and cash flow will be.