Secure your payments with Retail Pro

We team up with Genius to bring you the most stable payment platform available to retailers.

Deliver the secure checkout experience your customers demand.

Connect every channel to deliver a seamless experience to your customers, no matter where they are.

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  Genius + Retail Pro
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Why Genius and Retail Pro?
Accept all major payment types
Speed up checkout
Complete integration
Advanced payment reports
Boost customer engagement
Enhance data security
24/7 Support
Gain valuable insight into your customers
Customer Feedback:
Instant intelligence to transform your customer experience
TruRating is a survey solution at the POS that quickly connects businesses to the once silent majority.

Tie customer feedback to transaction and basket data by gathering ratings at point of payment.

This generates industry-leading response rates (88% in-store, 59% online), giving merchants real-time access to actionable insights tied to financial performance.
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Why customers use TruRating

“TruRating has removed the guesswork... we’re constantly testing and learning, which helps us remain customer-centric and competitive in a fast-paced industry.”

– Wayne Davies, Retail Director, JD Sports

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