With multiple hardware options for your retail business, we give you the freedom to build your store experience the way you want it.
Minimum Requirements
Technology Your Way
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Power your store with a powerful base

Retail Pro is on-premise software. Each enterprise needs a 'main' where the database is stored. Recommended: Windows 10 Pro or Windows Server (2016 or later) RAM: 16GB-32GB 1 TB SSD. Intel i5 or i7 (latest gen) 3.00 GHz or better

POS Registers
Put your best foot forward

Register computers can make or break your customer experience. Recommended: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 or i7 (latest gen) 3.00 GHz or better 8GB-16GB RAM 250GB SSD

Back Office
Back of house workstations manage your operations

Recommendations: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 or i7 (latest gen) 3.00GHz or better 8GB-16GB RAM 250GB SSD

Mobile POS
Go beyond point of sale

Retail Pro is built for multiple devices in your store. Use Windows Tablets or Apple mobile devices (latest gen) to create a perfect mPOS.

Our Suggested Hardware
CDS offers superior battle-tested hardware, specifically built for strenuous retail environments.  All options match our minimum specifications and are subject to replacement/exchange depending on availability.
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Touch Dynamic Breeze
$ 2,195

Built for retail

  • All-in-One
  • 15' Touchscreen
  • Windows OS
  • Small form factor
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Touch Dynamic Quest
$ 1,895

Mobile tablet or fixed base

  • Perfect for Mobile POS
  • Can withstand 4' drops
  • Windows OS
  • Avail in 7' or 10' screens
  • WiFi Network Connection
  • Work offline for popups or trunk shows
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Touch Dynamic Orion
$ 1,995

Traditional workstation

  • Multiple monitor options, incl touchscreen
  • Backoffice, receiving, local main/server
  • Powerful resilient hardware
  • 8Gb-32GB RAM
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HP Elite POS
$ 2,195

Sleek Touchscreen

  • Black or White
  • 1920x1080 FHD display
  • Weighted base or counter attached
  • Swivel/Tilt
  • 7th Gen Intel Processor
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Touch Dynamic Pulse
$ 2,595


  • All-in-One
  • 15' Touchscreen
  • Windows OS
  • Recommended for areas with varying temp environment
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Register Peripherals
$ 895

Full bundles of functionality

  • Touch Dynamics Cash Drawer
  • Hyperion 1300 Barcode Scanner
  • Star TSP 650ii Receipt Printer
  • Motorola Bluetooth LI-4278 Scanner +$125