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See the features that make Retail Pro more than just point-of-sale.  Manage your entire retail business from transactions to employees and everything in between.

Get serious software for your modern retail business.
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See the unmatched features of Retail Pro

Manage your inventory effectively with the most advanced structure available to retailers worldwide. Conduct physical inventory counts anytime. Broadcast changes across your entire company, including updated descriptions, prices, or promotions.

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Create and manage customer details, view customer history, reward your best customers with loyalty programs, and lookup customers on the fly. Use advanced loyalty programs built-in for a complete customer experience.

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Set schedules & shifts, check in/check out, set advanced permissions for discounts or returns, and use sales targets to hit goals for commissions or SPIFs.

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Go beyond the point of sale with Retail Pro Reports. See data and metrics from your store to make the best decisions for your bottom line from 200+ reports. Schedule regular reports via email or set level thresholds to take immediate action

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Accept credit cards, mobile contactless payments, and gift cards comfortably knowing every swipe utilizes the most secure method of payment processing available. Get 24/7 support from TSYS.

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Get support when you need it from our award-winning support team, based solely in the US. Access training materials anywhere from the powerful My Retail Pro portal.

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Utilize a variety technology devices across your Retail Pro ecosystem to accomplish the tasks essential to your business. Use Windows, Apple, or iOS devices to create a complete shopping experience.

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Leverage industry leaders for a unified approach to your channels. Integrate with popular shopping carts such as Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Amazon, and eBay.

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Demo Videos

Point of Sale

New Customer Cash Transaction

Add a new customer to a receipt and tender a cash transaction. Retail Pro saves your customer in your database for future reference, including sales history, returns, or loyalty programs.

Inventory Management

Check Available Inventory

Check your stock levels to see how many of each item you have on hand across any location.

Customer Management

Issue Store Credit

Instead of issuing refunds for returns, offer Store Credit.  This saves merchant services processing fees and recaptures lost sales.

Employee Management

Security Groups

Give access to the features of Retail Pro to your employees either individually or across Employee Groups, designed to best manage permissions based on the employee level of seniority or department.

Inventory Management

Drop Ship Purchase Orders

Drop ship items from Purchase Orders directly to the individual store locations where they are due.  Track the shipments as they are expected so you know exactly where your incoming inventory is at all times.

Customer Management

View Customer Info

See vital information about your customers at the point of sale, including sales history, buying trends, store credit, loyalty points, or shipping information. 

Vendor Management

Add A New Vendor

Simply add a vendor to your system for the most efficient ordering process.

Point of Sale

Add Fees To A Receipt

Services such as shipping, gift wrapping, or repair are added directly on a receipt either as a line item or as a specialty "fee".  You can choose whether or not the fee is taxable or tax exempt.

Employee Management

Time Clock Manager

Managers can access the Time Clock Manager in Retail Pro to correct incorrect check in/check out times

Retail Marketing Webinar

Life Cycle Marketing:  A Retailer's Hidden Potential

It’s no secret that retailers have been moving from mass media advertising to highly targeted, digital marketing strategies.

But how can you leverage technology to compete with big box stores and provide the same level of personalization and customer experience?

In this video, learn shopper marketing strategies that leverage:
֍  artificial intelligence
֍  product
֍  shopper data
to send the right offer, to the right shopper, at the right time.

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