Customer Management
Create a complete customer experience in your store.

Entice your best customers to keep shopping, resulting in more return trips and bigger baskets
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  • Customer Management

    Build a loyal customer base and generate repeat business.

    Retail Pro gives you intelligence into your customers spending habits and history like no other retail software.

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Add customers to your story
Easily add a new customer to a receipt, including as much information as you'd like to track. Add contact information such as email, phone, mailing address, or one of  the user-defined fields that you choose.

Assign customers to a "home store" or allow access across groups of stores or the entire organization.

Quickly match customer records across your entire channel, including your e-commerce site or in-store.
Personalize your customer experience
See your full customer history anytime you need to during the transaction. 

A customer experience that includes knowing your customer's history will bring them back again and again. 

Does this customer always buy the new styles you have in stock?

Does the customer only shop the bargain bin once a year? 

Seeing previous purchase history will allow your sales staff to offer upsales, increasing your opportunity to add more merchandise to each transaction.
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Loyalty built in to your ecosystem  
According to, 71% of consumers who are members of loyalty programs say membership is a meaningful part of their relationships with brands.

Implement a loyalty program with Retail Pro to reward your best customers and to create repeat customers out of first-time visitors. 
Create loyal customers with rewards
  • Retail Pro comes 'off the shelf' with loyalty tools

  • Award points, gifts, discounts, or a combo of any

  • Set up loyalty levels based on actual customer performance

  • Omni-channel loyalty means any purchase activity from in-store or online can be counted

Seamless Loyalty Programs

Easy to use and implement for sales, management, buyers, or planners

Points for $$
Total-Based Programs

Offer loyalty credit based on total amounts purchased, directly tied to customer purchase history

Points for specific items
Item-Based Programs

Give points to customers who buy items you designate within your inventory

Earn discounts
Percentage-Based Discounts

Customers can earn discounts based on their buying behavior and history

Update levels
Stay On Top Of Performance

Retail Pro Loyalty follows the results of the campaign and can update the levels and thresholds for you using Bins & Scoring feature

Customer Bins & Scoring
Analyze your customers and grade them based on how often they are shopping with you. 
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Access All Stores

See inventory levels at all your locations. Sell from their inventory via the 'Sell From' feature or the 'Send Sale' function so you capture every transaction. See inventory levels by location in an easy to read matrix for full enterprise visibility.

Choose Associates

Add multiple sales associates to a transaction to track activity, commissions, or accountability. Set activity levels based on percentages or equal credit, then report total credited levels in Retail Pro Reports.

Shipping & Fees

Assign fees associated with specific transactions for shipping, transit, etc. Gather shipping address from your customers directly from the receipt or the sales order. Save shipping information for customers for future use or for targeted marketing based on previous behavior.

Notes & Flags

Record unique notes for transactions to track marketing or 'where did you hear about us?' notes. Take demographic notes about your customers for directed marketing, or make notes about the weather or any other unique info about your sales.

Track Taxes

Select tax area for the receipt based on location. Choose tax exemptions for applicable line items or customers. Calculate complex tax breakouts or additional use taxes based on locale. Advanced tax management seamlessly integrates with Avalara Automated Tax plug-in.

Reason Codes

When performing certain actions at POS, including applying a discount and discarding a transaction, users may be required to select a Reason for the action. Track reasons and report details in Retail Pro Reports to keep staff accountable or to watch trends on transaction returns.

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